Friday, March 11, 2011

Fifteen years, fifteen reasons..

There are many reasons why I love to be married to My Darling.  
Here is just one for each year of our marriage!

I love the way he makes me laugh till we both cry and I get cramps in my tummy!
I love the way he makes me feel safe and protected.
I love the twinkle in his eye that tells me he still has the naughty little boy deep inside!
I love the way he swept me off my feet nearly twenty years ago.
I love his curious but wicked sense of humour.  He sees humour in things that others miss by a mile.
I love how capable he is and how able.
I love the way he loves Nikh and The Ray, unconditionally and overtly.
I love his confidence and his reserved quality.
I love the way he holds me back at times and lets me fly at times.
I love how he challenges my ideas and tones down my impetuosity.
I love his quiet calm in the face of my frantic fury.
I love that he supports my decisions even if they are not always what he thinks is the best for me.
I love the way he sings slightly off key and a few beats before the words start.
I love that he completes me and with him I feel I can do or be anything.
I just love HIM.... totally and irrevocably..... for the last twenty years and for the next million.

Happy 15th Anniversay, My Darling!