Monday, November 01, 2010

Half Term Hurrah!!

Those of you who know us well, know that My Darling flies off all over the place and leaves the kids and me to get on with it.  This time, he had to go in the middle of their mid term school holidays.  This was not good news for anyone - Nikh was playing in a tennis tournament and was not happy that Dad would be missing (Mum is not good enough to coach and cheer!); The Ray was unimpressed and showed him with the expressions on her face that she would not forgive this absence easily (we were all shaking in our shoes!) and I was dreading having to occupy two grouchy kids for nearly a week before school reopened.

In charges my sister, The Angel, in a black Audi and scoops us up from the jaws of despondency.  She whisks us off to Kensington and Chelsea in a flurry of Chanel and Donna Karan!  There followed a jam packed, event filled few days.  The Royal Philharmonic playing the Beatles with Dame Shirley Bassey making a stunning, awe-inspiring appearance; dinner out, breakfast out at chic croissanteries, Kensington Church Kitchens quickly became the breakfast hang out!  Westfield mall became the local high street - shops, restaurants and a multiplex cinema a scant five minutes from The Angel's cloud.  We took advantage of this and walked for miles in it's climate controlled hallways.  We danced with a new game that was being demonstrated, got free samples of Coke Zero, bought a spectacular Diwali gift for our Mum, the children's Nani, and ate our way around the World - Lebanese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian, Fish and Chips, French Crepes and Italian gelato.  We headed up to the Vue cinema and booked VIP seats for the 3D Alpha and Omega (a little dodgy on the subject matter - all about mating wolves!!) and indulged in very American sweet popcorn.

A few whirlwind, celebrity spotting, days later, we repacked the black steed and galloped back to the suburbs to rejoin our daily grind.  School bags at the ready, lunch boxes, water bottles, blazers and ties.  We are now in the season of Duffel Coats and woollen hats - more stuff for the kids to lose!

The daily grind hit hard today!  We got stuck in traffic this morning after trying to Skype My Darling before school, I almost crashed the new car, forgot to lock it when I walked The Ray into school and narrowly missed a lamp post as I went home.  Insult to injury, I slipped on the wet step of the car and almost landed on my face in front of the gardeners!

Have decided that after the Hurrahs of the half term holiday, time for some green tea, curl up on the sofa and only go out when absolutely necessary today!  Can't wait for My Darling to come home!