Sunday, February 14, 2010

Arrogant Asses

Yeah, Yeah.  I know.  Not nice to start with such a tone!  But you know, some people are small minded, arrogant, xenophobic, racist bums.

I have always been of the opinion that  Nikh's school is one of the few schools I have seen where bullying (not a big issue anyway) did not focus on race or ethnicity.  The Head of School has succeeded in creating a community feeling, where everyone feels they belong.  Our PTA has been a major contributor to the 'inclusion' policy and I have seen for myself that Nikh does not see people int erms of colour, language, race or country of origin - he sees friends.  I love that about his school.  Truly creating Global Citizens of the future.

You can imagine my shock last week to hear a parent stand up and claim that the host culture was less than hers, that she was so arrogant as to assume she was better than everyone else, and to top it off, in her ignorance she insulted a major Hindu God.  The woman is a danger and a menace.  She is full of herself.   Her attitude is one of intolerance and clearly she is not a happy person.  But she does like to share her misery.

I find I am alternating between sadness that one woman can create a rift between several communities, that one person (not a nice person) has the power to segregate and cause division, and absolute frustration and fury that she gets to continue on her merry way.

Painful Parenting

Sometimes, especially when My Darling is not around to talk with, I simply do not know what to do!  For those who know me pretty well, you know that I usually say exactly what I think - usually as soon as I think it!  I do try not to hurt people, but being direct or straight forward is the easiest way to deal with the number of people I come into contact with every single day.  I like when others do the same for me.

This is where I hit a stumbling block.  I like to speak my mind.  I like it when my friends and people I know all speak their minds.  I don't like going round in circles (which I am at the moment ... you see I am still thinking about whether Ishould post this or not!  doubt, doubt, nagging doubt!).

Okay, let me spill it - I am in a quandary.  Nikh went to his best friend's birthday party, and loved it.  He loved it so much, that when offered a sleepover with some of the other party goers, he jumped at the chance.  Also bearing in mind that he has a slight air of panic that if he doesn't do everything right now, he will miss out and then we will be gone from Chennai.  So he stayed.  Don't get me wrong, his friend's mum is my kinda mum.  Gently spoken, clear and more than able to hand a bunch of tween boys.  I had no worries on that score.

My problems began when he came home.  Something was not quite right.  It took till 8pm to come clean. A few of the other boys were pretty malicious all evening and into the night.  He barely got a couple of hours sleep, and is now full of anger, upset and hurt.  These boys, one of whom I personally would prefer Nikh stayed away from and the other two - well, this is news to me. and not good news, have really done a number on him.

So my dilemma - do I call the boys' mothers and let them have it?  Do I tell my friend that all this happened at her house (not my fave option - it was not her fault!),or do I leave Nikh to stew and suffer until his dad gets home to deal with it  My instinct is to call the two boys' mothers and tell them what their boys have been up to.  If it were me - I would want to know and want to deal with my son ... but would they?