Monday, September 22, 2008

An Expat Centre - a life-saver!

I know I said I was going to take some time off after the hectic stresses and activities of the past year, but clearly the saying about old dogs and new tricks is true! I clearly have no self control and am a slave to my imagination!

I am helping to set up and organise an expat centre here in Chennai. It will have events, activities, workshops and sessions based on Indian dance, cuisine, art, craft etc etc etc. It is like a blank canvass and I get to help write on it! Exciting!!

I think the expats living here in Chennai, whether they took a relocation package or not, love to find out more about the culture, religion, festivals and way of life of the host nation. This centre (the Indian Immersion Centre - IIC) is going to be so central to this. Any expat that wants to find out more about the gods and goddesses, or myths and legends of India can sign on to an event or activity that covers that. If there is someone who wants to find out where to buy their netlon, the best broadband supplier etc or just where to get multi grain bread can simply call or email the IIC and get the answer relatively quickly!

Wow! When I think of the days and weeks I spent simply asking everyone I knew about things or driving around to find what I needed. this IIC will be the one stop shop for everything an expat in Chennai could possibly want!

One of the nicest things about helping set up such a stimulating new venture is working with people who are full of inspiration, who like to brainstorm and that feeling of mutual respect just cannot be beaten!!

I am off to try and talk to as many people as I know to get them to join the IIC as it will be one of the best things they ever do!