Sunday, February 28, 2010

Superwoman I am not!

I seem to have been a bit off kilter for the last few weeks.  These things happen!  Maybe Jupiter was in line with Saturn in Pisces or something!  But either way I feel as though I have been a bit grumpy at the World!  I have been taking things a bit too personally and thinking I could leap tall buildings with a single bound and fix all the wrongs to make them right.

Small epiphany in the middle of the night (those who know me well know that I don't often sleep through a whole night!): everything is not mine to solve!  All the problems at school, at home, in committees, at work, global warming, world peace, poverty and starvation among under developed countries - not mine to fix.  Of course I can do my bit.  I can raise awareness.  I can state my view.  I can even offer small steps towards simple solutions to some of the above.  But I cannot fix it all!

As a result of this self realisation - the load from my shoulders lifted.  I am walking taller and smiling again!  The problems of the entire world are no longer entirely mine.  I think having parents (other than me) actually showing up to a recent Board meeting and stating their case, having parents write in with their issues and seeing other people as disgruntled as I (with committees, with the traffic, with the rubbish on the streets) made me realise I am not alone.

So I hung up my cape and bullet proof wrist bands and I am on a hiatus!  The result - I am back to being me!